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Next Generation Power Electronics National Manufacturing Innovation Institute

The Institute website:

President Obama announced Jan. 15, 2014, the selection of a North Carolina-headquartered consortium of businesses and universities, led by North Carolina State University, to lead a manufacturing innovation institute for next generation power electronics.

In last year’s State of the Union address, the President proposed a series of three new manufacturing institutes that the Administration can create using existing resources. The Next Generation Power Electronics National Manufacturing Innovation Institute is the first of these institutes.


The new manufacturing innovation institute is supported by the Department of Energy with matching funds from industry and other partners. It will provide shared facilities, equipment, and testing and modeling capabilities to companies across the power electronics supply chain, particularly small and medium-size manufacturers, to help invent, design and manufacture new semiconductor chips and devices. The institute will also pair chip designers and manufacturers with large power electronic manufacturers and suppliers to bring these technologies to market faster and will offer training, higher education programs and hands-on internships that give American workers the skills for new job opportunities and meet the needs of this emerging and globally competitive industry.

The new institute is focused on enabling the next generation of energy-efficient, high-power electronic chips and devices by making wide bandgap semiconductor technologies cost-competitive with current silicon-based power electronics in the next five years. These improvements will make power electronic devices like motors, consumer electronics, and devices that support our power grid faster, smaller, and more efficient.

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