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Lightweight & Modern Metals Manufacturing Innovation (LM3I) Institute

The Institute website:


  • Established February 2014
  • Lead: EWI
  • Headquarters Location: Detroit, Michigan
  • Includes 36 companies, 12 universities and labs, and 18 other organizations
  • Federal funding (cooperative agreement): $70 million
  • Mission: Provide a national focus on expanding US competitiveness and innovation by facilitating the transition of advanced lightweight and modern metals manufacturing capabilities and new technologies to the industrial base.


On February 25, 2014, President Obama announced the selection of the winning team to lead the LM3I Institute with a selection of a Michigan headquartered consortium of businesses and universities, led by EWI.

EWI brings together a consortium of leading companies that include some of the world’s aluminum, titanium, and high strength steel manufacturers, leading materials providers, and critical end-users with universities on the cutting edge of technology development and research, all in a vibrant and entrepreneurial region that can serve as the foundation for ongoing U.S leadership in this important technology.


The President also announced the selection of the team to lead Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute, to be headquartered in Chicago.

The two new manufacturing innovation institutes are the third and fourth manufacturing hubs launched by the Administration to jumpstart the creation of the public-private private National Network for Manufacturing Innovation (NNMI), an initiative the President first proposed in March 2012. They follow the National Additive Manufacturing Institute (now called America Makes), begun in August 2012 and also led by the Defense Department, and the Next Generation Power Electronics Manufacturing Innovation Institute, launched by the President on Jan. 15, 2014 and led by the Energy Department.

Read the White House press release:

View the video of the President’s announcement:

Read the FAQs on the two new manufacturing innovation institutes: FAQs - DOD Institutes

For information on the National Network for Manufacturing Innovation, go to:

Read the President’s May 9, 2013, announcement of three new institutes:

Background Info

Two new DoD-Led manufacturing institutes were announced by the White House on May 9, 2013, as well as one led by the DoE. The focus areas of the DoD-led institutes are (1) Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation (DMDII) and (2) Lightweight and Modern Metals Manufacturing Innovation (LM3I). These institutes will address cross-cutting manufacturing technologies to meet critical national security and energy needs. The total DoD funding contribution will be $50M per institute, with other government agencies rounding out the balance to reach $70M in federal funding per institute, with an expected minimum 1:1 funding match by industry/others. The establishment of both institutes will be overseen by the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD), with solicitations managed by DoD field activities.

LM3I Solicitation Process

The LM3I Institute was established by formal solicitation through the Contracting Department of the Office of Naval Research located in Arlington, Virginia, and managed and supported by a tri-service, interagency group composed of contributing members. An overview of the intended institute can be found here: LM3I Overview

The original LM3I RFI and Notice of Intent are on FedBizOpps, as well as the full solicitation.

A Proposers' Day was held to help potential teams learn and prepare better proposals. Copies of the LM3I briefings are below, and please see the DMDII page for more.

- NNMI, Building the Partnership Picture by Mike Molnar, AMNPO
- LM3I, Program Information by Johnnie DeLoach, LM3I
- LM3I, ONRBAA 13-019 Information by Wade Wargo, LM3I

To read more about the DOE institute, the Next Generation Power Electronics National Manufacturing Innovation Institute, please go here: Next Generation Power Electronics National Manufacturing Innovation Institute

For more information on the NNMI, go here: NNMI Page. Or, read the FAQ about the three new Institutes and National Network for Manufacturing Innovation: NNMI_FAQ.pdf (developed August 28, 2013)

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